Bo Dallas Talks About NXT & His Time There

The following are highlights from Bo Dallas’ recent interview with The Liverpool Echo:

His Time in NXT: “As it was happening it was an unreal experience, a dream come true. I couldn’t really believe it was happening, because that’s what you’ve always wanted and worked for. And then after the Rumble I got the opportunity to go back down to NXT and really hone my craft. NXT has been an unbelievable experience, which has changed my life and changed my career as a performer.”

What Makes NXT Special: “NXT, the developmental system in the WWE today, is so different and so much bigger and better than it’s ever been before. The production values that go into the developmental system and into the NXT show are not much different than Raw and Smackdown. You really get the opportunity to try things yourself and really find yourself. The intimate crowd that NXT has, with the same people coming back, it’s almost like a family. It’s a really cool environment. And with that it’s never a case of showing up and being the same Bo Dallas as they saw the week before, which keeps you constantly evolving, and wanting to do different things. You don’t want to be stuck in a rut and doing the same thing, because they will notice.”

Working In The UK: “Seeing the vignettes of yourself is an unreal experience in itself. I had the opportunity to debut in London actually on my last UK tour, on SmackDown, which talk about a dream come true, first time in Europe period, then make my debut. It was brilliant.”

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