Beyoncé Shopped at Target and People Could Not Handle It

In Thursday’s real-life edition of “Stars, They’re Just Like Us!” Beyoncé caught her fans off guard by doing something that thousands of people do every single day: shop at Target.

Everyone’s favorite retailer and everyone’s favorite singer collided in a magical shopping moment, and for some reason, people can’t handle it.

Billboard reports that Beyoncé stepped out with her daughter Blue Ivy and her mom Tina Knowles for a quick Target run, and as Queen Bey pushed her red cart around the bullseye-lined aisles, her fans predictably flipped out.



We wonder what Beyoncé was shopping for in the first place.

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Does she just like Market Pantry food? Did she need pillowcases AND ice cream in the same shopping trip? Did Blue Ivy want a Hatchimals Surprise? Does Beyoncé need earplugs because Jay-Z snores?

The world may never know.

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