Ben Stiller Accuses Trump of Spreading 'Hate, Fear, and Division' About Refugees

Actor Ben Stiller went after President Donald Trump in a Twitter rant in which the Zoolander star said he’s deeply disturbed “to see the president encourage antipathy towards, and fear of #Refugees.”

“Speaking as a citizen, it’s extremely disturbing to see the president encourage antipathy towards, and fear of #Refugees at his rally. I know that most people in Minnesota are proud and supportive of America’s leadership in helping the 70 million displaced people in the world,” Stiller’s screed began.

“It’s clear that false narratives about the danger of resettlement, that have no statistical evidence, and claiming that vetting is not extreme or rigorous enough, stoke the flames of division, and appeal to our lowest instincts. It’s not true,” Ben Stiller said.

“Our country is made up of immigrants and refugees, and we have always welcomed them in a safe, and beneficial ( if not perfect) way for all involved. This is the message our president needs to spread. Not hate, fear and division,” the Saturday Night Live alum concluded.

Stiller’s rant referenced comments President Trump made during his rally in Minnesota on Thursday night, in which he said “I promise you as president I will give local communities a greater say on refugee policy and put in place enhanced vetting and responsible immigration controls.”

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“Since coming to office, I have reduced refugee resettlement by 85 percent,” Trump continued. “And as you know, maybe especially in Minnesota, I signed an executive order that no refugees will be resettled in any state without the expressed written consent of that city or that state.”

Stiller, who rarely publicly chimes in on political issues, has served since last year as Goodwill Ambassador for UNHCR, the United Nations Refugee Agency.

The Tropic Thunder star was among the celebrities who slammed President Trump’s reported use of the word “shithole” to describe several countries during an Oval Office meeting last January.

Stiller added his name to those who praised Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanahugh’s misconduct accuser Christine Blasey Ford ahead of her testimony before the Senate Judiciary Committee last September.

“Respect to Doctor Ford for standing up and telling her story. For my family, my daughter and people who value the truth, you are a hero and on the right side of history,” Stiller said.

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