Batista On The Cover Of Muscle & Fitness: Wrestling's Best & Worst Bodies

Former WWE superstar Dave Batista is featured on the cover of the November issue of Muscle & Fitness magazine. The issue also looks at “the best bodies in wrestling” with stories on Mark Henry and David Otunga. They rank the ten best wrestler physiques:

– John Cena
– The Rock
– Paul Orndorff
– Bill Goldberg
– Hulk Hogan
– Rick Rude
– Triple H
– Superstar Billy Graham
– Scott Steiner
– The Ultimate Warrior

The also named the five worst physiques in wrestling:

– Dusty Rhodes
– Yokozuna
– George “The Animal” Steele
– Abdullah the Butcher
– Haystacks Calhoun

* Picture of BATISTA On The Cover of MUSCLE & FITNESS

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