Baker Mayfield destroys ESPN analyst over Hue Jackson comparison

Baker Mayfield shredded “First Take’s” Damien Woody on Monday, after the ESPN host blasted the Browns quarterback for his postgame remarks Sunday about former coach Hue Jackson.

“Baker Mayfield needs to grow up,” said Woody, the former Jets and Patriots lineman. “This is pro football. You’re dealing with grown men. Things happen in pro football. People get fired, go to other teams, players get cut, they go to rivals. It happens all the time. Coach gets fired, he decides to pick up a job, an available job that Marvin Lewis obviously reached out to him about.”

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Jackson was fired by the Browns last month, before rejoining the team’s AFC North rival, the Bengals, as a special assistant to Lewis.

Following Cincinnati’s 35-20 loss at home, Jackson attempted to make nice with Mayfield on the field but had to settle for a handshake instead. This year’s first-overall pick later chastised Jackson for going to the Bengals after his release from the Dawg Pound.

Woody likened Jackson’s behavior to Mayfield’s college career, in which he transferred from Texas Tech to Oklahoma.

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“What I find funny about the whole thing, Baker Mayfield, didn’t he go from Texas Tech to Oklahoma? You went from Texas Tech to Oklahoma — two teams in the Big 12 — but you wanna argue, you wanna talk about … You want to talk about that. And that’s in college football. You wanna talk about guys trying to pay bills … You went from rival to basically another in the same conference,” Woody continued.

Mayfield didn’t agree with Woody’s comments and fired back on “First Take’s” Instagram feed, under the post entitled “Baker Mayfield needs to grow up.”

“Not even comparable … I didn’t lose 30 plus games be fake and then do that … I wasn’t gonna have a scholarship. Good try though buddy,” Mayfield wrote, noting how Texas Tech was planning to move on from him.

Expect an icy meeting between Mayfield and Jackson again on Dec. 23.

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