Backstage Rumors on WWE's Thoughts on Tag Team Division, TV Shows & PPVs

— WWE has reportedly been pulling back on their tag team division as officials feel as if there is no point to invest in it heavily. It would explain the WrestleMania match with 10-year old Nicholas winning the titles with Braun Strowman as well as why they are planning on having Big E venture into singles competition with the New Day – as a trio – likely to have peaked in popularity.

— On a similar note, when we asked why the company continues to give away huge matches on TV rather than save it for the monthly PPVs, one source said that Vince McMahon only cares about TV these days, especially with a very lucrative deal set to fall in their laps later this year. Not only that, but the business has evolved where PPVs mean a lot less and even the WWE Network sees little movement and impact regardless of the card. The source also mentioned that even though WrestleMania and the other big PPVs will forever remain a staple for WWE, the focus right now is to make money from the TV shows.

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