Backstage News on Alexa Bliss/Bayley Segment from Monday’s Raw

Last Monday Night on Raw there was a “This is Your Life” segment where Alexa Bliss presented the life of Bayley and had people from Bayley’s past show up. Backstage, there is word going around that WWE officials as well as the general public were unimpressed with the segment. 
There were people backstage that described it as a “trainwreck”. On the flip side of that, there were people who said that zero fault was given to Alexa Bliss with some actually praising her for doing the best considering the circumstances. They said that if anyone else aside from Alexa Bliss did the segment it could have gone down as the worst in WWE history.
On commentary, Booker T said the line “this is hard to watch”. This was reportedly fed by someone backstage to him. This was apparently what everyone backstage was feeling.

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