As US/Russia Relations Freeze Up, Will Iran Talks Suffer?

As President Vladimir Putin and the Russian Federation Council push closer towards annexation of Crimea and the U.S. position hardens after its warnings were ignored over a referendum vote on Crimean independence on Sunday, will the growing diplomatic chasm between Washington and Moscow begin to unravel ongoing talks over Iran’s civilian nuclear program?

That central question comes as the latest round of talks between Iran and the so-called P5+1 nations begin in Vienna on Tuesday amid much trepidation about the way the ongoing political crisis in Ukraine—and the ensuing fallout between world powers—will have on this international issue and others. A temporary agreement reached among the nations involved took hold late last year and has set a timeframe for a more permanent agreement which negotiators hope to have in place by summer.

According to Reuters:

Iran Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif took to his Twitter account ahead of the talks to voice Iran’s position, saying, “Important and tough discussions ahead today. We have held our end of the bargain. Time for our counterparts to keep theirs.”

As the New York Times reports, international agencies confirm that the Iranians have so far met their commitments, but that hasn’t kept Israeli officials from saber-rattling over their continued claims that the Iranians have nuclear weapons ambitions:

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