Argos & Argenis Staying With AAA

After leaving the promotion earlier in the week, Argos & Argenis, the two brothers of the former Myzteziz, made up with AAA earlier today.

A third brother, Mini Murder Clown, was always believed to be staying with the promotion.

The two met with company officials and asked if they could stay and both are being kept on.

The departure of Luis Urive, who was both the first Mistico character in CMLL and original Sin Cara in WWE, has been the biggest news story in a long time in Mexican wrestling.  Urive held a press conference earlier today where he said he was not returning to CMLL, and attempted to babyface himself by saying he thought he left on good terms with AAA and couldn’t understand why they aren’t using him for the rest of his advertised dates.

Urive said that the new name he will go by is Mystic 2.0.  He has big matches coming next weekend at Arena Mexico and the week after in Guadalajara.

Argos had worked one TNA taping through AAA, but wasn’t used going forward.  Argenis holds one-third of the trios titles in Lucha Underground as one of the masked Disciples of Death.
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