Are you seated front-row?

Fashion may seem unequivocally irrelevant an industry to some, but that is not say stiff competition doesn’t exist amongst its editors and journalists. In fashion, the importance of certain publications or journalists over others is evident where the editor is seated in proximity to the catwalk. Shows operate on the same hierarchy as corporate businesses and whereas the CEO of a Fortune 500 company may have an office the size of a New York block, at fashion shows, important editors – i.e. those who have given a brand positive media attention – and those from the most renowned publications get to sit front row. Others are subjected to the back, or worse, to standing, where the assistants of the assistants stand elbow-jammed in faraway corners by to catch glimpses of the show.

But fashion is more unscrupulous than other businesses – the hierarchy is visible to everyone as an editor’s name is written for all to see on the front row. For those who are competitive at heart, this can cause great agitation and embarrassment. It is considered perfectly normal, for example, for an editor to note his or her seating arrangements over a season of shows and compare them to a rival editor of a similar standing publication and have an assistant lobby those designers at those shows he or she was snubbed. Likewise, it is not unusual for editors to refuse to attend shows unless a front-row seat is granted. Petty rivalry will always be in fashion, as will boxing gloves.

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