Apollo Crews wins United States title on WWE Raw

Apollo Crews has won his first championship in WWE.

Crews defeated Andrade on Raw tonight to win the United States Championship. Crews got the win after hitting a press slam, a standing moonsault, and a standing Shooting Star Press at the end of the match.

After the match, Crews was interviewed in the ring about his title win. He said that when he started on his journey to become a WWE wrestler, people laughed in his face and told him he couldn’t do it. Crews said he never gave up, and after 11 years of sacrifice, hard work, dedication, and discipline during his career he’s finally won his first title in WWE.

Andrade was shown angrily throwing equipment around backstage after losing the title.

Crews previously challenged Andrade for the US title on the April 27 episode of Raw. The finish of that match was the referee stopping it due to Crews suffering a storyline knee injury. That storyline injury was also the explanation for Crews being removed from this year’s men’s Money in the Bank ladder match.

Andrade had been US Champion since winning the title from Rey Mysterio at a Madison Square Garden house show in December.

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