Amber Heard Declares 'Planned Parenthood Here for Good': 'My Body. My Choice. Not Yours, Trump'

Actress Amber Heard warned President Donald Trump and pro-life activists that the abortion provider Planned Parenthood will be “here for good,” and said its services are “under attack like never before.”

Earlier this week, the organization withdrew from the federally funded Title X family planning reimbursements and grants program after the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Ninth Circuit rejected efforts to prevent the Trump administration from banning abortion referrals at federally funded health clinics.

“My body. My choice, not yours, Trump,” Amber Heard. “Health care is under attack like never before. But the one sure thing? Planned Parenthood is here for good. I stand [with] Planned Parenthood, [and] Planned Parenthood stands [with you].”

It is not the first time that 33-year-old, who over recent years has been the subject of continuous media attention over her fractious divorce from actor Johnny Depp, has spoken out on the issue of abortion.

In May, the Aquaman star attended the Planned Parenthood of New York Spring Into Action Gala in New York City, where she argued that Planned Parenthood is “doing work on behalf of people who have no voice and no position of power.”

“I can’t be more proud to represent the future and our place in this debate, which is saying, ‘We’re not going to continue to allow people who have never had their feet in the stirrups to decide what we do with our bodies,’” she told magazine at the time.

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