AEW continues to lead in Wednesday rating battle with NXT, updated total viewership numbers from past weeks, key metrics and rankings


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AEW continued to outdraw NXT in 2020 in live-and-same-night-DVR viewership, with 828,000 viewers for AEW Dynamite compared to 712,000 viewers for NXT on USA. AEW also held its lead in all key demographics, with a 0.34 to 0.22 rating lead among adults 18-49, a 0.48 to 0.28 rating among men 18-49, a 0.30 to 0.19 rating lead among men 18-45. The overall cable rating was close, with a 0.59 for AEW and a 0.58 for NXT.

The stronger demographic rating for AEW placed it at no. 3 for the night among all cable shows in the adult 18-49 demo with it’s 0.34 rating. NXT’s 0.22 rating didn’t make the top 25 list, which was dominated by shows scoring a 0.30 demo rating or higher.

AEW Dynamite has dropped every week in January, although by relatively small margins going from 967,000 same night viewers on Jan. 1 to 947l000, 940,000, 871,000, and 828,000 since.

When considering three days of DVR viewing, the total viewership for AEW has gone from 1,172,000 to 1.170,000 to 1,157,000 to 1,060,000 last week. (We obviously don’t have this week’s +3 numbers yet.) NXT the last three weeks in the +3 viewership numbers has been more ready with 899,000 for the Jan. 8 show, 903,000 for the Jan. 15 show, and 961,000 for the Jan. 22 show.

The final tallies of viewers for the full 7+ rating has been more ready for AEW, with 1,228,000 total for the Jan. 1 episode, 1,210,000 for the Jan. 8 episode, and 1,207,000 for the Jan. 15 episode. NXT those same weeks has gone from 688,000 (for the awards shows) to 925,000 to 898,000.

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