Abandoned Prospect Park Pup Pleads, 'Take Me Home'

PROSPECT PARK, BROOKLYN — A sweet and smiling dog was left tied to a Prospect Park tree on Monday along with a note that read, “Take me home.”

Eric Maus, 28, found Mamas the 7-year-old pit bull tied up by the Prospect Park boathouse while walking two dogs on Monday, he said.

Maus an aspiring screenwriter, quickly scanned the note scrawled on a Catholic Charities notepad.

“I’m a great dog, don’t let my size scare you,” it read. “I’m sweet.”

Maus logged onto a Facebook community group to ask for advice and received word minutes later that the Sean Casey Animal Rescue Center would make room for the abandoned pup.

“I knew I had to help her,” Maus said, noting Mamas was overweight, dehydrated and urinating blood. “That note was probably left by someone who was desperate, afraid they couldn’t afford the vet bills.”

News has quickly spread about the lost, rescued pup and several people have contacted Sean Casey with requests to adopt Mamas, Maus said.

“It’s really the power of community,” said Maus, thanking the Brooklyn neighbors and local animal advocates who jumped in to help him rescue Mamas.

While Maus cannot adopt the pit bull himself, he said she’s definitely inspired him to write a screenplay about a Brooklyn pet detective.

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Photos courtesy of Eric Maus

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