AAA's Joaquin Roldan passes away at 63 years old

Joaquin Roldan, one of the most powerful men in the industry as the leader of AAA, passed away this morning at the age of 63.

AAA made the announcement in a release.

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Roldan had worked for the company for most of its existence before taking over in 2007 after the death of founder Antonio Pena. Many expected that AAA would fade into oblivion quickly without Pena, who was generally regarded as a creative genius. However, the company continued to exist and did well for several years, until struggling in recent years due to the devaluation of the peso and more recently, due to political in-fighting.

Roldan is the husband of Marisela Pena, the sister of Antonio Pena, who inherited the promotion. Pena had trained Joaquin Roldan and his son, Dorian Roldan, to head the promotion and had trained them when his health started going bad.

Joaquin Roldan was also a television figure, as the babyface authority figure in a several year angle with Konnan and Dorian Roldan, as heel power brokers. He was also involved with Lucha Underground.

This may have been a lingering illness since Roldan had been less visible in recent months and last year, in a move that was heavily criticized, he was put into the AAA Hall of Fame as the lone inductee at the 2016 TripleMania show in Mexico City.

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