8 Colorado Hikers Injured By Lightning Strike

DOUGLAS COUNTY, CO — Eight people were injured by a lightning strike Sunday in Pike National Forest. The group was hiking near Devil’s Head Lookout at the summit at about 3 p.m., when the lightning struck.

The strike hit a rock wall near the hikers and knocked them to the ground, the Jackson 105 Fire Protection District said.

Some the people suffered burns and tingling sensations but were able to hike out of the area on their own. Two people needed help walking out, and one person was transported to a hospital for observation.

One woman suffered critical injuries and had to be carried down from the trail in a stretcher. She appeared to have burns, the Jackson 105 fire district said.

Douglas County Search & Rescue and several other agencies and groups were involved in the rescue. The terrain in the area made the operation challenging, rescuers said.

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