55 Votes Cast In 'Historic' Vernon Drive-Up Town Meeting

VERNON, CT — During what town officials called an “historic” action, Vernon residents drove up to town hall on Wednesday night and cast their votes to approve a budgetary housekeeping measure designed to keep the tax rate down — all while maintaining coronavirus social distancing practices.

The tally was 54 in favor of the measure to a single no vote.

At stake is a plan to take $2,986,198 from the town’s general fund and move it to the capital nonrecurring account to pay down debt related to vehicles purchased via internal lease financing. The town normally owes $708,141 annually for pay off the lease.

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Town Administrator Michael Purcaro said by paying off the $2.9 million in one lump sum, the money would not adversely impact the tax rate for the next and future fiscal years.

The drive-up vote was preceded by a town meeting. With minimal staff inside town hall, town council members gathered inside their cars in the back lot to participate via teleconference. Members of the public were also able to listen in and participate.

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