3 Lions Died At 3 Different West Coast Zoos This Week

SEATTLE, WA — The death of a 9-year-old female lion at the Woodland Park Zoo in Seattle was the third death this week at a West Coast zoo. Two of the deaths were age-related, but the Seattle lion died during emergency surgery.

On Wednesday, Woodland Park Zoo announced that the lion Adia died on Tuesday during surgery. The zoo anesthetized her find out why she wasn’t healing from an abdominal procedure three weeks ago.

“During yesterday’s procedure, we took radiographs of Adia and discovered complications that required emergency surgery. We were able to surgically resolve these problems but, unfortunately, she went into cardiac arrest just prior to anesthetic recovery. Despite exhaustive efforts to save her, we were unsuccessful,” Woodland Park Zoo associate veterinarian Dr. Tim Storms said in a statement.

In captivity, lions can live close to 17 years, according to Woodland Park Zoo. Adia came to Woodland Park in 2010 as part of a breeding plan. She had a litter of four cubs in 2012 with Xerxes, 11.

On Monday, a 16-year-old male named Jahari died at the San Francisco Zoo. He likely died of old age, the zoo said.

“Jahari was a favorite among guests and staff alike and will be remembered for his refined temperament and his bellowing roar that could be heard from every corner of the zoo,” the zoo wrote on Twitter.

San Diego Zoo’s 15-year-old male M’bari died on Wednesday, the zoo announced via Twitter. He was undergoing care for age-related issues, the zoo said.

“His condition worsened and animal care staff made the difficult decision to euthanize him. Please share your condolences with those who will be feeling this loss,” the zoo said on Twitter.

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